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Optimized for Efficiency

The sensing system is explicitly engineered to thrive in high throughput environments, where the demand for continuous, rapid processing of samples is paramount. This suitability stems from a robust design that emphasizes durability and efficiency, allowing for non-stop operation without sacrificing performance. High throughput settings, such as large-scale diagnostic laboratories, research facilities, and clinical testing centers, stand to benefit immensely from this system's capacity to handle a vast quantity of samples with minimal downtime.

At the heart of this capability are advanced edge computing functionalities. These enable the system to perform substantial data processing tasks locally, without the need for constant internet or cloud connectivity. This decentralization of computing power not only speeds up the data analysis process but also enhances data security and reliability, critical factors in sensitive clinical and research contexts.

High Sensitivity for Biomarker Detection

Capable of detecting protein and nucleic acid-based trace biomarkers critical for clinical decisions.


Advanced Optical Systems

Features custom-built systems with both coherent (laser) and non-coherent light sources, and high-sensitivity, low-noise detectors for efficient sensing.


Modular and Configurable Design

Offers optical (Absorbance, Fluorescence, LSPR) and electric (Potentiometric, Galvanometric) sensing modes.


Powered by EyeRa® Pro-OS

Utilizes firmware for on-board digital signal processing and edge-computing connectivity, minimizing the need for internet/cloud connectivity.

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