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Empowering Health Through Innovation

Our Technological Edge

Our innovative approach to healthcare devices, combining advanced diagnostics with user-friendly interfaces. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our state-of-the-art solutions, designed to enhance healthcare outcomes globally. From groundbreaking research to sustainable manufacturing practices, we prioritize accessibility and efficiency.

Proflo-U® Analyser

Proflo-U® by Prantae Solutions empowers you to swiftly gather crucial albumin & creatinine level information, enabling prompt decision-making and effective patient care.


A connected ecosystem for multiple 'self-health monitoring' low power, portable, IoT devices powered by BLE mesh for a wide variety of optical sensing modalities. The platform is a combination of carefully positioned coherent (lasers) or non-coherent light sources and a high sensitive photodiode system coupled to an optimized microelectronics hardware with industry leading system-on-chip (SOC) microcontroller compatible with multiple analog voltage/current sensors (optical/micro-electrical signals) followed by amplification.


Speciality Reagents and kits for various biochemistry and molecular biology for precision diagnostics/research use. We currently have DNA extraction kit, RNA extraction kit, Viral RNA extraction kit (Approved by ICMR for COVID), SARS-CoV2 IgG+IgM ELISA kit (Approved by ICMR for COVID), SARS-Cov2-Nucleoprotein antigen ELISA.


A specially designed micro-imaging system with high-definition CMOS camera, multi-spectral/hyper-spectral illumination, high resolution optical configuration run on an intelligent (AI/ML) image processing algorithm. The platform enables the design of next-generation endoscopy and microscopy systems which can provide molecular level information in real-time. 

Seamless User Experience

Prantae Solutions presents a integrated device and application that simplify the measurement of albumin, creatinine, and ACR levels, enabling informed decisions for proactive well-being.

With its convenience and accuracy, you can take charge of your kidney health and stay ahead of potential issues.

Our devices are simple and user-friendly, designed for anyone to operate. The provided instruction manual offers clear, detailed guidance on how to use the product, requiring no professional knowledge.

Ease at Palm of Your Hand

Our devices and testing kits are non-invasive and safe to use, boasting more than 98% accuracy. They are portable and compact, suitable for use anywhere and anytime. Personal information is stored securely.

Point of care


We Plan, We Build,
We Deliver

Regular monitoring of these vital biomarkers associated with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) helps detect early changes and maintain optimal kidney function.
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