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An innovation in self-health monitoring that enables you to keep track of your kidneys function.


**Patent granted


Kidney function is an important indicator of many critical health disorders. While the conventional 'Kidney Function Test' gives you some status, it misses out measuring the filtering capacity of the kidneys.  

In case of kidney damage of any kind, the albumin protein in the blood starts getting filtered into the urine. This is not good! The higher the level of this protein in urine, the more worried you should be.

Health conditions that can lead to protein in the urine are

  • Chronic Kidney Disorder
  • Diabetic Nephropathy
  • Cardio-vascular disorders
  • Pregnancy induced Hypertension (Leading to Pre-eclampsia)

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A wide range of nanosensor for biosensing applications


Nanosensors are at the heart of almost every sensing technology. They act as smart transducers or amplifiers for biological or chemical molecules to be converted into optical, electrical or magnetic signals that can be read by electronic circuits. These sensors are cost-effective and extra-ordinarily sensitive.

Prantae has developed a range of such sensors that are at the heart of every product we make. We also provide them for your custom applications in any batch size with complete quality assurance.

  • Plasmon ic Nanoparticles: Suitable for Surface Plasmon Resonance sensing applications in reaserch and diagnostics.
  • Magnetic Nanoparticles: Water soluble coating and Amine functionalization for cell and molecule capture applications
  • Quantum Dots: Highly fluorescent particles as stable replacements for fluorescent dyes for use in diagnostics (Coming soon !)



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State-of-the-art spectroscopes for smartly measuring the ultra-sparse biomarkers  



The EyeRa-sense is designed to work with the EyeRa range of sensors helping you quantitate biomarkers. You can use them for research or diagnostic applications. EyeRa-Sense has been designed keeping in mind that new disease biomarkers are being discovered everyday. And it makes no sense for you to keep changing the platform for every new test. And so, we made a one-solution-fits-all unit. Whether, it is nucleic acids, small RNAs or proteins, EyeRa-Sense can measure it all.

It comes in 3 flavors:

  1. EyeRa Sense : Easy quantitation of select biomarkers through our innovative cartridge system that comes pre-coated with all reagents and the specially designed 'probe' necessary for the test (along with assay controls). You simply can't get it wrong!  
  2. EyeRa Sense FL: A rapid and sensitive fluorescence measurement system featuring unto 4 excitation wavelengths and 8 emission channels. You can choose between two configurations depending on your requirements. We can also custom design it for your assay of choice with dedicated hardware and customized software ! The architecture allows you to upgrade the system for IoT (BLE, WiFi) as well as AI/ML integration for rapid decision making/classification of your assay.
  3. EyeRa Sense PRO: An open-ended and fully customizable Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) measurement system to enable you design your own assays. It is equipped with pulse modulated Laser Diode illumination (of your choice) and best in class Single Photon Sensitive detectors that complement the optics. It is specially designed with high speed and noise free electronics so that no signal is ever lost. Any assay developed on this platform can be easily ported to the basic EyeRa-Sense system for commercial deployment.


**Patent granted

Prantae has 3 major functions that drive product development. At the heart lies the strong focus on the science that brings in new sensing capabilities. This is married to electronics design that bring life to the product. The  CAD and manufacturing team give the product shape and feel. And we bring to you a neat piece of technology that looks good, feels good and works to let you take charge of your well-being.


Design is a state of mind...it will shows in our work!

Prantae is a highly design centric company! With that we mean that we plan things to the best of our ability, execute to utmost perfection to deliver what is unique. And if we still fail, we up the game. As long as it is not the best possible, we will iterate and evolve. This is how nature does it! This is exactly how life evolves! And this is how we will create a masterpiece every time!